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    La Crêperie XuHui
    This restaurant is the « original ».
    It was opened in July 2007 by Philippe Ricard.
    Located in the heart of Shanghai, in what is often named as the « former French Concession », a beautiful environment with many trees and numerous small streets making of it one of the most enjoyable districts for a walk or a ride. In La Creperie Tao Jiang you will find an open kitchen like in all the other restaurants of the group and a simple but very traditional decoration, with a nice view on the green square in front. Today, this restaurant is serving the best of Brittany but also becoming like a flagship store for Brittany culture in Shanghai. Besides its excellent food, you will love its relaxing atmosphere.

    La Crêperie Jing’An
    After the success of its first opening, Thomas Courbiere and Judy Zhu, who have been managing the first restaurant of the group in Tao Jiang road, for many years, decided to become partners in a second restaurant in the “business” district of Jing An, on the famous Nanjing road. Next to the temple and its beautiful garden, surrounded with numerous Grade A offices it provides a great « stop over » for all the ones who work around and the tourists looking for a place to rest. In the evening, our experienced bartender creates for you some great cocktails, some of which are in a very Brittany style… Besides its excellent food, you will love its decoration and its very convenient location, also next to the metro station.

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    La Crêperie Xuhui
    La Crêperie Jing’An

    La Crêperie XuHui :
    1 TaoJiang Rd.
    (near FenYang Rd)
    XuHui District
    +86 21 5465 9055
    La Crêperie Jing'An :
    Réel Mall, 1st Floor
    Crossroad of Nanjing West Rd. & Changde Rd.
    (near by Gucci Store)
    Jing'An District
    +86 21 3253 7978
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    This second restaurant of the group was opened in April 2010 by Yann Blandford and Philippe Ricard, after Yann came to Philippe to explain him his love for Hong-kong and crêpes… This restaurant was settled in the growing district of Wanchai. It experienced a great success from its opening, welcomed by a large international community in the neighbourhood, and numerous enthusiast local customers. It has earned the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor and has become a very attractive place. Besides its excellent food, you will love its busy atmosphere.

    After its success in Wanchai, Yann Blandford and Philippe Ricard opened in August 2013 a new branch of La Creperie in the district of Sheung Wan, but next to Central district. If you always recognise the image of La Creperie the decoration has slightly changed again to provide more space and more comfort. The cider here has become the most popular drink and you will discover it displayed right in front when you enter! Besides its excellent food, you will love its beautiful decoration and relaxing atmosphere.

    Causeway Bay
    Discover our brand new restaurant in the heart of Causeway Bay!!!!
    Located on the 8/F of the new building The L Square 459-461 Lockhart road, it is easily accessible from the exit C of Causeway bay MTR.
    Spacious and warm at the same time, La Creperie Causeway Bay is the perfect spot for a casual set lunch, an afternoon tea break with your family or an amazing diner with friends.
    They can accommodate larger group there too!

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    La Crêperie
    1/F, 100 Queen's Road East, Wanchai
    +852 25299280
    La Crêperie
    Sheung Wan
    G/F, 69 Jervois Street,
    Sheung Wan
    +852 26794666
    La Crêperie
    Causeway Bay
    8/F, The L Square,
    459-461 Lockhart Rd. Causeway Bay
    +852 2898 7123
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    Going more South, after Shanghai and Hong-Kong, La Creperie opened its doors in the District 1 of the city, officially named Ho Chi Minh City, near the « Alliance Française » (IDECAF). It was opened in December 2011, by Philippe Ricard, Nostalgie and Olivier Page. In September 2012, a new partner, Albin Deforges, joined the team in order to bring his great knowledge of the city. If we recognise the image of La Creperie, this restaurant has benefitted from the experience of the 2 first ones. With its « Captain room », the restaurant also offers a space for meetings during the week, and a play ground for kids in the weekend. Besides its excellent food, you will love its beautiful decoration.

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    La Crêperie Saigon
    17/7 Le Thanh Ton, District 1,
    Ho Chi Minh City
    +84 8 3824 7070
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    In 2013, Veronica Amadio decides to leave Hong-Kong for a very different place! She also wants to change job and now ally her love for crepes and Cambodia. She contacts Philippe Ricard and after a huge work to renovate a villa the dreams come true. La Creperie Phnom Penh opens its doors in January 2014, in a very different environment but keeping the same style, the same quality and the same desire to fulfil its customers with the best food and cider from Brittany! Besides its excellent food, you will love the beautiful terrace and the wonderful smoothies which will refresh your day !

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    Opening hours : 
    Monday to Friday : 11.30-14.30 – 17.30-23.00
    Saturday & Sunday : 10.00-16.00 – 17.30-23.00


    La Crêperie Phnom Penh
    Street 308, nr 12C,
    Phnom Penh,
    +855 23 640 7600
  • crepport

    With so many people from Taipei coming in the various restaurants of the group, Philippe Ricard could only say « yes » when Eric Wu, a Taiwanese customer living in Shanghai, came to him to say he would like to become partner and open La Creperie in Taipei. Eric Wu’s appetite for galettes, crepes and cider is finally satisfied in June 2014, with the launch of the new branch in the trendy area of Zhongqiao Donghua. While always keeping the same theme, La Creperie comes here with a new design, providing a more modern touch. Besides its excellent food, you will love the small balcony and enjoy great cocktails at the bar.

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    La Crêperie Taipei
    45-2, Lane 187, Section 1, Dunhua South Rd.
    Tel : 02 2775 3949